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Harley-Davidson Manufacturer Motorcycle Oil Specifications


Ten Questions & Answers About Motorcycle Oil For Your Harley-Davidson


The Following information was provide by Harley Davidson Service, 3rd Floor.



1.  Why should I use Harley-Davidson Motorcycle oil?

This is the only available motorcycle oil specially developed for Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines.  It is also the only available oil tested for two years by our engineering staff on engine dynamometer stands in Milwaukee and motorcycle track tests at Talladega.  And in other tests, Harley-Davidson has found it to be superior to other oils.



2.  Can I use aviation oils in my Harley-Davidson?

We do not recommend this, because these oils do not contain an important additive that provides good wear protection of the Harley-Davidson engine.





3.  What viscosity grade should I use in my Harley-Davidson?

The recommended viscosity grade for use in all temperatures is SAE 20W50 Harley-Davidson Oil.  The SAE 50 grade is satisfactory in ambient temperatures of 60 deg to 90 deg F, and the SAE 60 grade is appropriate for ambient temperatures above 80 deg to over 100 deg F.


4.  At what temperature will Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Oil break down?


This oil has been designed for use at temperatures up to 300 deg F for extended periods with no significant breakdown.



5.  What oil temperature is best for my Harley-Davidson?

A good oil operating temperature range is 200 deg to 240 deg F.  Water condensation and acids tend to build up in the oil if the temperature is consistently below 180 deg F, and oil thickness can become marginal at temperatures above 300 deg F.



6.  Does Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Oil do anything besides lubricate engine parts?

Yes.  Besides lubricating engine parts and preventing wear, it protects the engine from rust and corrosion, keeps the inside of the engine clean, cools engine parts and "seals in" combustion pressures, prevents foaming, permits easy starting and quick oil circulation, and reduces friction and power loss.



7.  Is it true that oil never wears out?

No.  All motor oils wear out.  During normal use, the oil molecules undergo a chemical reaction with oxygen and begin to break down; additives in the oil become depleted; and contaminants like water, gasoline, soot and dust get mixed in with the oil.  Therefore, your motorcycle oil needs to be changed at the interval recommended by Harley-Davidson.



8.  Can I go longer between oil changes if I put in a new oil filter?

No.  The filter keeps the oil free of solid matter, but it doesn't remove water, gasoline or acids.  Also, it can't pinch-hit for additives that become used up.  Follow Harley-Davidson's recommended intervals for oil and oil filter changes, and don't expect a new filter to extend the life of the oil.



9.  Is it okay to mix Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Oil with a different brand?

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle oil is compatible with other petroleum oils.  However, mixing with another oil will reduce the superior engine protection of Harley-Davidson oil, so this should be done only when absolutely necessary.



10.  Does it help to put in a can of additive with each oil change?

No.  Just as you wouldn't add sugar to a bottle of soda, you shouldn't use additives with Harley-Davidson Motorcycle oil.  It already contains the right additives in the correct amounts to last between recommended oil changes.  More additives won't help.  In fact, they might upset the oil chemistry and create problems you wouldn't ordinarily have.  Use Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Oil and forget the extra can of additive.  It's money down the drain.



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