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Cabin Fever


Cabin Fever

Remedies, cures and healing techniques

From time to time, we all occasionally experience some form of Cabin Fever. What do you do to combat this horrific, degenerative mood erasing dilemma?

Sometimes a cure for cabin fever will require more than just an environment re-location- you may have to prescribe yourself to some good ole fashion out-of-doors activity.

Don't let cabin fever get you down


Besides the four walls you have to continually stare at during the winter months, the weather equally plays a big role in helping people acquire Cabin Fever.

During the cold winter months as temps drop into the twenties, daylight hours are shorten considerably. Add to the fact a shortage of sun light, caused by an increase in mostly cloudy days and you have the perfect ingredients for a chronic case of Cabin Fever. You could be prone to many months of hostile despair, as the winter grows on long and cold.

Many victims of the chronic mind altering disease find themselves having a total lack of physical exercise and usually acquire an increase in poor eating habits that result in becoming over-weight or even obese.

Proven Cabin Fever Fact

There's no doubt about it- that a good wholesome change of environment does the body, mind and soul a lot of good. Just having the thought of visiting somewhere new, doing something different, almost instantly refreshes and cleanses the mind... temporarily that is.

Definition of Cabin Fever

A type of hysteria brought on by spending too much time indoors. Directly descended from long haul journeys where you are stuck in cramped conditions for too long.

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